• Training your team on the Excel functionality most used by HR professionals
  • Helping you design spreadsheets so they are easy to update and maintain
  • Developing charts and graphs that summarizes your HR data for senior management
  • Building spreadsheets that automate routine tasks
  • Developing solutions that take spreadsheets to a new level using macros and scripts

Microsoft Excel ®

Love it or hate it, Excel is one tool that HR professionals use on an almost daily basis.  If Excel isn't your thing, then maybe we can help.  CleaHRStrat offers a full suite of service to reduce the amount of time you spend in Excel while getting better results.

Google Sheets

While not as popular as Excel, it does offer the flexibility to have multiple people update the spreadsheet concurrently, which can be a big advantage if working in a team environment. 

CleaHRStrat's Spreadsheet Services:

Whether you use Excel or Google Sheets, we can help by: