Is your team wasting valuable time fighting with spreadsheets? Love them or hate them, spreadsheets are an essential tool for organizing data and streamlining your business on a daily basis. With over 15 years of experience creating advanced, functional spreadsheets, CleaHRStrat can help you:

  • Train your team on the spreadsheet functionality most used by professionals
  • Help you design spreadsheets so they are easy to update and maintain
  • Develop charts and graphs that summarizes your key data
  • Write macros to automate routine tasks

There are many specialties within the Human Resources field. With over 20 years of experience in HR in multiple industries and organization types, we have the experience to help with your people focused projects. Specific areas of speciality include:

  • HR audit
  • Interim HR leadership/support
  • Recruitment of senior top talent
  • Performance management redesign
  • Change management
  • Total compensation/rewards strategy development

We understand that people are the heart of your business and your success. With over 20 years of experience in all areas of Human Resources, CleaHRStrat has the expertise to help you grow and develop an effective, engaged and unified team of top talent. Our specialties include:

  • Develop a schedule
  • Capture action items
  • Meet key milestones
  • Hold effective meetings
  • Navigate roadblocks and overcome obstacles
  • Report to project stakeholders


Human Resources

Coaching leads you down a path of self-discovery that can transform your personal and professional growth. With over 25 years of one-on-one coaching experience, Sue is passionate about helping professionals focus on important goals and priorities, discover new perspectives and strategies, and identify a path forward to success and satisfaction.

Sue is an Integral Associate Coach™ (Integral Coaching Canada) and an Associate Coach with the Enneagram in Business Global Network. She currently sits on the Board of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as Programming Chair of the Ottawa Chapter. Sue can help you and/or your team to:

  • Design an individual coaching program that is customized to your goals and supports real results
  • Increase self-awareness and understand your leadership style
  • Explore the inner saboteurs that prevent growth and development
  • Complete a team assessment to understand strengths and blind spots and how to work more efficiently and effectively

Project Management

Leveraging technology as part of your HR strategy is no longer a luxury, but rather an essential step to streamline your operations and empower your team. In addition to ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, HR systems create excellent onboarding experiences, deliver information into the hands of the employees and leaders who need it most, and provide accurate and actionable reports and metrics.  With a strong technical background, Eric is passionate about helping you find a solution that meets your goals and suits your budget. As a vendor-neutral firm, CleaHRStrat isn’t tied to any one firm, but rather is committed to your best interests. Our comprehensive HR Systems services include:

  • Business case development
  • Requirements gathering
  • Vendor evaluation and selection
  • Implementation support
  • Project management
  • Data conversion
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Training & Post-go-live support

CleaHRStrat Consulting offers a range of services to help individuals and organizations increase productivity, better manage teams and projects, and enhance personal and professional development. Our team’s depth of experience and education allows us to tailor our services to your unique challenges and goals. We can support you with:

HR Systems

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