• Data conversion
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Roll out and Training employees

Vendor Selection
If you are thinking of implementing new HR software or replacing your current system, let us help you review the HRMS market to ensure you pick a solution that meets your current and future needs from the hundreds of applications available.

Total Reward Statements

Show employees how much your company values them by providing employees with total rewards statements. Employees will only see fields that are applicable to them so they won't see all the rewards they didn't receive.

Other Services

HR software projects come with many other tasks that are not always familiar to HR teams, such as:

Project Management

If you've made the decision to implement something new; let us help you manage the project to ensure things stay on track and allow your team to stay focused on their other priorities.

HR Software Review

Is your HR Software falling short? Before replacing what you have, let's spend a little time reviewing your current systems and processes to ensure there isn't an easy, cost effective way to resolve your issues.

Our Services


Whether it's training, setting up a spreadsheet so it's easy to maintain, developing dashboards, or automating routing tasks, CleaHRStrat can help. Click here for more details.