CleaHRStrat Consulting Inc. was formed to help companies and HR departments leverage technology to its fullest extent.  From simple things like reducing the amount of time you spend in Excel® everyday, to implementing something new.  There are many tasks that we can help you with to make the change as easy as possible while staying on schedule and within budget.

Let us help you reduce the amount of time you spend on transactional tasks, make sure HR is providing value to the business with the wealth of knowledge at its fingertips, and free up your employees to focus on the important tasks that will make your business successful.

CleaHRStrat consulting is fully insured.

About  Us

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Our Vision

We strive to help businesses and human resources professionals use technology to their advantage. We will work with you to simplify and automate processes, reduce the time and effort you spend on spreadsheets, develop your HR technology strategy, evaluate vendors and assist you with software implementations.  Find out how we can help you and your business today!